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Even with the promulgation and widespread use of internet marketing by companies, the use of flyers or pamphlets as a means of marketing cannot be eradicated. Flyers are traditional means of marketing, produced to be handed down from person to person in order to advertise a business, brand or service Via printing flyer.

Flyer printing and Flyer distribution are not only intended to get new prospective clients but they are designed to advertise the services of a business and keep already existing clients or customer s. However, to achieve the desired result, the flyer  printing  and distribution has to be made exceptional. High-quality flyer printing does not necessarily imply huge cost.

Maximizing Sales and Enhancing Customer Experience through Exceptional Flyer Solutions

Here, we are able to juxtapose high quality and low cost in the professional services we render. Our flyer printing services are designed to make rich, attractive and glossy flyers that would draw the attention of onlookers and passersby. We provide robust leaflet distribution services designed to make sure that your business garners the influence and attention that you earnestly desire. Indeed, our flyer printing and flyer distribution services are powerful marketing tools complete with your office photo that can take your business from the cradle to the limelight. To target more than 1 languages for your flyer design, you can consider having one side in English and the other side in your mother tongue.

Everything You Need To Know About Our Services

Our exclusive flyer printing and Sg flyer distribution services can be leveraged anywhere in Singapore. We provide efficient techniques to make sure that our services are accessible by all and sundry. Our low-cost services make it easy for businesses on a low budget to access our flyer printing and flyer distribution services. At The Flyer Distribution Singapore, we aim at helping you to reach the milestone you desire in your business and company. We want our clients to share in our success stories and that is why we render seamless and sustainable services to them. With our flyer printing and flyer distribution services, we can help you arrange and ensure excellent trade shows and product promotions. Furthermore, we make sure that several mouth-watering options are provided to you in our services to help you make a wise choice.

Pamphlet Advertising Promote Prices (A5 SIZE)

Personalized Package for Improved Sales Response

HDB door-to-door distribution — SGD 20.00-32.00 / 1000 copies (min. 10,000 copies)

Landed door-to-door distribution — SGD 60.00-65.00 / 1000 copies (min. 4,000 copies)

Walkway distribution (Street Pass handout to audience) — SGD 60.00-65.00 / 1000 copies

Industrial Distribution – SGD 60.00-65.00 / 1000 copies

Cardrop — SGD 28.00-32.00 / 1000 copies (min. 10,000 Copies)

Condo distribution (via Singpost) — SGD 160.00 / 1000 copies (min. 4,000 copies) – Exclude Singpost GST

Pirce varies based on area, town, weight of your products. Provide a sample for an accurate quote.

City area Office can only distribute via Singpost

Distinguished Flyer distribution Newbies By The Quality Of The Flyers

It is no longer news that a dr flagship company is distinguished from newbies by the quality of the flyers they use for their product promotion. Customers will definitely evaluate your flyer qualities to categorize your brand they ve got your flyer. You can take advantage of our flyer printing and Flyer distribution service to get your business classed among the veterans in your industry. We value your professional and brand image and would take it into keen consideration when designing your flyer. You can trust our honest expertise in flyer printing and Flyer distribution because we know every nook and cranny of the business.

Expert Flyer Design and Distribution by Professional Distributors

With Printing options for a stunning flyer design: Type, variety, ink, images, and more

To ensure excellent flyer printing and flyer distribution service, our experts would work with your team and take note of all your requirements. We also consider your desired areas of coverage to deliver exquisite distribution service that would suit your needs. The flyer printing and flyer distribution Singapore places keen emphasis on the clients’ needs and try to understand the clients’ missions and visions before any flyer printing and flyer distribution Sg service. This is because we believe in translating the company goals and vision into the print. This will help people to quickly understand what your company stands for and our flyer printing and cheap flyer distribution service Singapore can help you achieve this.

Affordable Printing and Distribution Services for Business, HDB, and Money Orders

Our Services Range Beyond Flyer Printing: Questions, Books, Design, and More

Our staff consists of skilled and adept personnel who are versatile in flyer printing services. We also have a team of experts very proficient in marketing and distribution of flyers. Our team is the right personnel. You need to take your brand a notch higher. Besides flyer printing and flyer distribution services, we also do a lot of other services, such as invoice printing , postcard printing, money packets and 10k cover booklets printing. We also print table calendars, paper bags, stickers and folders of varying colors and styles. We believe in 65 style and quality and we ensure that every bit of our flyer printing and express flyer distribution is garnished with remarkable style that will make you long for more. Moreover, we have affordable flyer distribution of 1k minimum without printing of flyers.

Targeted For Food Businesses In Your Location

Food businesses rely on customers to keep their operations running. To reach out and gain more customers, flyer printing and distribution is one of the most effective strategies.

To ensure that your flyers are reaching the right people, targeted flyer printing and distribution is essential. That’s why we offer targeted flyer printing and distribution services specifically tailored for food businesses in your location.

Effective Ways to Market Your Business with Personalized Flyer Printing and Distribution

In addition, we understand that every business is not the same and we make sure that our flyer printing service is tailored to match the uniqueness of your brand. We also give untold attention to our flyer distribution service, making sure that it denotes your business brands. We are able to ensure personalized flyer printing and door to door flyer distribution services because we take time to study our client brands to understand what they stand for with a purpose of delivering the very best services to them. Although we ensure that high quality flyer printing services and flyer distribution campaign  are rendered to you, we equally make sure that they are colorful. We carry out excellent 1k distribution services, making sure that the originally of your brand is well buttressed.

Way to Improve Your Flyer Distribution Content

Yes we are experts in the field and our excellent services are well attested by our customers ’ feedback. We not only deliver the best quality flyer printing services in Singapore, but we also make sure that the flyers are as affordable as possible, hence we offer low leaflet distribution price per 1k piece. We understand the importance of on-time delivery to your business and how delays can mar your business goals; this is why we give attention to making sure that the services are delivered at record time. There is no better place to get an exceptional flyer printing and reliable flyer distribution price than The Flyer Distribution Singapore.

Contact Jaderoom Your Flyer Distributor And Printing Services

You can contact our team for the best flyer printing or flyer distribution services, and if you need quick and efficient condo flyer distribution services, we are your best go-to company. Moreover, irrespective of the volumes of flyer you want to print, we assure you of an excellent job and we do not compromise on the quality and deadline. We want to solve your entire business printing quagmire in one shot and that is why our flyer printing and local flyer distribution services are tailored to truly meet your needs. Why not let us make your product, service or events get the attention it deserves with our exquisite flyer printing and flyer distribution service? You can also browse through our services to have an overview of what we offer and how we can help your business to go public and grab the masses’ attention with exceptional flyer printing and urgent flyer distribution services.



  1. What is the purpose of flyer distribution?

The purpose of flyer distribution is to promote a business, product, service, event or cause to a specific audience through the distribution of printed flyers. The goal is to attract the attention of potential customers, clients or supporters and encourage them to take action, such as making a purchase, attending an event or visiting a website.

  1. What are the benefits of flyer distribution?

The benefits of flyer distribution include cost-effectiveness, targeted marketing, high visibility, ease of distribution, and the ability to measure response rates. Flyers can be distributed to a specific geographic area or demographic, making them an effective tool for reaching a specific audience. They can also be designed to stand out and capture attention, leading to increased brand awareness and sales.

  1. What are the key elements of a successful flyer distribution campaign?

The key elements of a successful flyer distribution campaign include a clear message, eye-catching design, targeted distribution, an effective call to action, and follow-up tracking and analysis. A clear message should communicate the main benefit or value proposition of the product or service being promoted. The design should be visually appealing and grab the attention of the target audience. Targeted distribution ensures that the flyers are being distributed to the right people. An effective call to action encourages the target audience to take action. Follow-up tracking and analysis allows businesses to measure the success of the campaign and make improvements for future campaigns.

  1. Who is the target audience for flyer distribution?

The target audience for flyer distribution depends on the business or organization and the product, service or cause being promoted. The target audience could be a specific demographic, such as age or income range, or a specific geographic area, such as a neighborhood or city. The target audience could also be existing customers or supporters, or potential new customers or supporters.

  1. What is the best time of year to distribute flyers?

The best time of year to distribute flyers depends on the business or organization and the product, service or cause being promoted. For example, flyers promoting seasonal products or services may be best distributed leading up to or during the relevant season. Events may benefit from flyers being distributed in the weeks leading up to the event. In general, it is important to consider timing that will be most relevant and engaging to the target audience.

6.How many flyers need to be distributed?

The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the area you are trying to reach, the type of flyer you are distributing, and the desired response rate. If you are distributing flyers in a small area, such as a single city or town, you may only need to distribute a few hundred flyers.

7. Who is responsible for designing the flyers?The responsibility for designing flyers can vary depending on the organization. It could be done in-house by the marketing or creative team, or outsourced to a graphic designer or advertising agency like Jaderoom.com.sg.

8 What is the most effective way to distribute flyers?

The most effective way to distribute flyers depends on the target audience and the purpose of the flyer. Some effective methods include direct mail, door-to-door distribution, handing out at events or on the street, leaving in public places such as coffee shops or libraries, and placing on car windshields in targeted areas.

9 Where is the most effective place to distribute flyers?

The most effective place to distribute flyers depends on the target audience and the purpose of the flyer. Places with high foot traffic such as malls, universities, or downtown areas can be effective for certain audiences. Door-to-door distribution can be effective for reaching local neighborhoods. It’s important to consider the demographics and behaviors of the target audience to determine the most effective places to distribute flyers.


 Helpful Facts

  1. Flyer distribution refers to a direct marketing method that involves distributing printed materials like leaflets, brochures, and flyers to potential customers.
  2. It is a highly cost-effective means of reaching a large number of people in a short amount of time.
  3. Flyer distribution is commonly used to promote special deals, events, and products.
  4. In addition to generating leads, it can be an effective way to raise brand awareness.
  5. There are various ways to distribute flyers, including door-to-door, by mail, at events, or through street teams.
  6. Choosing the right locations for flyer distribution is crucial to maximize campaign effectiveness.
  7. The design of the flyer should be eye-catching to grab the attention of potential customers.
  8. Flyers must convey clear and concise information about the product or service being promoted.



  1. The target population for flyer distribution campaigns is typically reached up to 85% on average.
  2. High foot traffic areas, such as shopping centers, parks, and public areas, are commonly used for distributing flyers.
  3. Flyers are commonly distributed in batches of 500-1000 pieces per location.
  4. Direct mail campaigns have an average response rate of 3.7%, according to a study by the Direct Marketing Association.
  5. Geographically targeted flyer distribution campaigns that reach the right audience are the most effective.
  6. Hand-to-hand, door-to-door, and mail distribution are the common ways to distribute flyers.
  7. Based on a survey by the US Postal Service, 44% of consumers reported reading or scanning direct mail pieces.
  8. Glossy paper is often used for printing flyers to increase visibility.



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