Creating distribution strategies is crucial to any flyer marketing. If you do not have a strategy, your marketing campaign won’t be successful, regardless if you disseminate millions of flyers. Here are some strategies that you can use to make your flyer distribution a success.

Strategies For An Effective Flyer Distribution

Learn where to distribute your flyers.

Who is your target market and where will you find them?It is important to know this fact to make sure that you reach your target. For instance, you are opening a new salon branch, maybe it would help if you distribute flyers where young ladies and lads who are into grooming will be found — say, a college or university, or the mall, perhaps.


Another example is flyers with lifestyle message. You want to promote eating vegetarian, for instance, and need a broader yet more accepting audience. It is a better idea to give out the flyers to teenagers who are more likely to be more accepting to the idea of vegetarianism rather than to the elderly.

Plot your flyer distribution course.

Before going out the streets, know exactly where you are going. When planning an effective flyer distribution plan, you have to evaluate how far you will need to drive or walk, how many people, do you estimate, are there at the location, and how many pieces of flyers are you going to bring with you. Planning of distribution course will help you save money and time, as well as effort while spreading your message. It can also help if you use maps to determine shorter routes or places with more people. Also take note of the establishments near the area that can affect your flyer marketing in both positive and negative way.

Time your flyer distribution properly.

When is the ideal time for a possible customer to get their hands If you are marketing for a holiday product or announcing a holiday sale, the flyers must be distributed a few weeks before the holiday comes. In addition, you must know when people are more receptive. For instance, people who just came from an event are more likely to receive your flyers happily (and read it!) compared to people who are rushing to work. Or maybe there’s a rock concert, maybe that is not the right time to distribute your veganism flyers even if your target gender and age are present.

Just keep in mind these flyer marketing strategies and you will save time, money and effort and at the same time ensure its effectiveness and revenue for your campaign.