Flyer distribution needs a little more effort than it seems to need. Appealing the customers is not instant, and it takes a lot of planning. It is ideal to keep flyers short and brief, but full of important info that the audience will find helpful and encouraging, if not pushing them to purchase. Distribution of flyers needs a creative mindset. And of course, you always have to be professional and polite.


Effective Flyer Distribution Tips

Flyer distribution Singapore needs effective tips and tricks in order to maximize the revenue. Here are some of them:

Pick your target audience.

One of the keys to effective flyer distribution is to determine who your target market is. Remember that in flyer marketing, a flyer that is meant for an 18-year old girl may be useless for a 60-year old grandma. So do not waste your time and effort handing out your printed matter to the wrong audience.

Keep the flyers simple.

Flyers that are smaller in size and have a simpler layout may cost you less compared to larger, more elaborate ones. Simpler, smaller flyers are less likely to be discarded, and if you give the audience the info they need without the unnecessary additions, your audience is more likely to respond positively to them.

Make your flyers eye-catching.

While we talk about keeping it simple, it is also important to make the flyers eye-catching. Pardon us, this could be done while still keeping your flyer layout simple. Just use attractive color schemes and well-designed logos and headers and you are good to go. Also, make sure that your header talks about what you offer rather than what your company or brand name is. For instance, the headline “Need a Piano Teacher?” completely talks about you offering piano lessons instead of putting “Lawton Music Hub” on the title.

Don’t forget your contact info.

Flyers need relevant info about your company, such as address, telephone numbers, and business hours. If you are advertising using coupon codes and freebies, do not forget to include promo expiration dates. A small map can also come in handy, especially if you are located somewhere with a confusing address.