In Singapore, is it really illegal to put flyers on doors? No, it is not illegal to put flyers on doors and as a matter of fact, the town council provides a box where flyers can be collected for every household. You shouldn’t worry much when distributing flyers, however, there will be instances when flyer distribution will become illegal. 

When Does Flyer Distribution Become Illegal?

In general, flyer distribution is a legal advertising method. However, there are times when it is done incorrectly and that’s when it becomes illegal. Flyer distribution remains legal unless you enter a private establishment or property. Doing so will make you a trespasser and that is a legal offence. Nonetheless, there would be no reason for you to trespass these private properties because they already have flyer boxes for the household. All you have to do is to put them into the bins. Another thing that makes a flyer illegal is the political content. This type of flyer will need certain permits for you to be able to print and distribute them. 

Keep in mind that the flyers must have a commercial purpose, that is promoting and advertising products and services. Distribute them at public places like parks, streets, etc. and not in SMRT or shopping malls unless you have the necessary permits. 

How do you know if it is a private property? For instance, with the SMRT, you can gauge the control of the establishment by determining their smoking areas. This area is where the public property begins and where you can start handing out flyers. Sheltered areas or areas near the top-up counters are considered as part of the station and most of the time, you will not be allowed to distribute flyers in there. 

Flyer distribution at shopping malls, however, are mostly allowed if the one conducting the distribution is one of their tenant stores. You can possibly make an arrangement with the management of the mall if you are not a tenant and you want to distribute flyers inside the mall premises.