Leaflets and flyers are among the best, if not the most effective way to advertise. The best part is, it is cost-effective too. So, why will you trust a neighborhood kid to go and actually distribute them? Chances are, they take the money and your flyers get dumped secretly.

Like the saying goes, “You will not know expensive until you hire an amateur when you should be hiring a professional.”
Don’t worry, finding a reputable and reliable flyer distribution company is simple and easy, especially here in Singapore. It will only require you to do a small background research and you will realize that we are among the best choices. On the other hand, there are various factors in which flyer distribution can contribute in growing your business.

Different Ways To Execute Your Flyer Distribution

Door to Door Flyer Distribution

The most classic way to distribute flyers is probably through door to door delivery or mail through SingPost. In a research conducted by one association of direct marketers, up to 79% of people respond to the flyers they receive through mail.

Through Distribution Staff

If you prefer to do it another way, you can choose to have your flyers distributed by our flyer distribution staff in streets, parks, and other public places. Public events are a great time and place for flyer distribution, but you have to make sure that the people attending the event matches your target market. Otherwise, you can do a thorough research first to determine where you need to distribute flyers and for what age bracket or gender.

Kiosks or In-store

Some businesses choose to have their flyers be on standby at their own stores or offices, with a simple encouragement to guests to pick a flyer from your designated dispenser. Although this might be less effective and may reach less people, you can be mostly sure that those who picked up some flyers are interested with what you offer.

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